Stephen Von Worley.

Extreme precisionist.
Long exposure fanatic.
Incorrigible experimentologist.

Born in southern California, USA, 1970.
Currently resides in Santa Cruz, California, USA.


Tradition most definitely has its place. But I've always preferred the quirky and experimental route rather than the tried-and-true. So, when I set out to learn the art of photography, I concentrated upon the more esoteric pursuits - night shots, supertelephoto exposures, and such. Evening upon evening, after loved ones had fallen asleep, I'd travel into the visually rich environs of San Francisco. Devise challenges for myself and then attempt to achieve them. Commune with the bridges. Follow the "typical" advice and then disregard it. Avoid the low-hanging fruit of cliche, and then indulge the temptation. Analyze the results, try to learn something from them, and then do it again. Culminating in many of the pieces that you see in my portfolio today.

Remember the kid that got the 99-percents on the college physics exams? That was me. So, while my photographic experiments paid artistic dividends, I also developed another valuable chunk of knowledge - a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of the camera. The bending of light through the lenses, the inner workings of the shutter, and the path of the image from scene to film. My basic camera kit steadily grew into a collection - each addition providing a new optical capability, much as an unusual type of hammer might add a special knack to a worker's toolbox. Fresh gear presented a nascent assortment of possibilities, and subsequent tests and insights led to another piece of equipment. And so on, much as the proverbial snowball.

Thus enabling the second stage of my photography, currently in progress and unreleased, involving conceptual pieces that feature distinctly unusual portrayals of the transitions in the world around us. In these works, I move a step beyond novel technique and depart from conventional photographic equipment - creating each piece with the aid of hacked gear and optical devices created from scratch. I hope that you'll be around to enjoy these photos, the first of which should debut in autumn of 2010.

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